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Application for enrolment

Terms and conditions of enrolment

Admission of students follows the terms and conditions developed by the organization, the school principal,  in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Condition for enrollment in Bulgarian Sunday School "Bukvaran"  is the payment of the school fees valid for the school year;
The school accepts students during the course of the respective school year,  in the presence of vacancies,  students can present an official note from the last school year they were educated;

First-graders that are enrolled, have to certify with a document that they have attended another Bulgarian Sunday school abroad;

From April to the first school week of May of the respective school year, the parent has to submit a written declaration (according to a sample) for the enrolment of the student in a higher grade of schooling.

School fees are determined at the beginning of each school year by  "Bukvaran" Ltd. and "Gradina" Ltd.;

The annual fee for 2021/2022 is £250 for the first child and £230 for the second child in the family. The same discount of £20 is valid for each subsequent child. The increase is dictated by the length of the school year, which coincides with the British academic year.

 The fee includes: a set of textbooks, exercise books and school emblem;

The tuition fee has to be paid no later than 15th of October of the respective school year;

''Bukvaran'' Ltd. and ''Gradina'' Ltd. reserve the right to change the tuition fees within the current school year in case of force majeure, overdue payments and unpaid fees.
In cases where the fee has not been paid by 15 October,  a fine of £30 for overdue debt is imposed.

In case the payment is not made within the term specified in the Regulations, the parents receive a written reminder for payment of the amounts within ten days. Failure to comply with this measure leads to suspension of the student from the learning process, for which the parents are notified in writing within three days.

In case of an unpaid fee, the student's further education is terminated.

Students who  complete  their education in Bulgarian language and literature, history and civilizations, geography and economics for two classes within one school year pay  two full tuition fees. The deadline for payment of fees is respectively 15th of October (first fee) and 15th of January (second fee) of the academic year.

When a student enrols in ''Bukvaran'' Ltd.  in the course of  the school year until the end of the first school term (February),  pays the full amount of the fee for the respective school year.

Newly enrolled students for the second school term, pay a fee of  £150.
When enrolling a new student in''Bukvaran'' Ltd. after 1st of March, a tuition fee of £100 is payable;
The fee is not refundable if the student leaves school early.
An advance payment of the fee has been introduced in the school  for training for the new school year.

From the beginning  May 2021  year until the 15th of June, 2021, the parent submits a written declaration (according to a sample) for enrolment of the student in a higher class, if desired, pays an advance tuition fee for the next school year 2021/2022  year in the amount of £250. The paid fee remains unchanged in the event of an increase in the next school year.


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